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APL Machinery Pvt. Ltd. provides three types of PVC Profile Printing Machine, these are as follows :

» PVC Profile Printing Machine

In house developed India’s first technology made PVC profile printing machine which is the economical version of imported PVC profile printing machine. now get rid of expensive design rollers, rubber rollers, spares and service of improved machine.

Specifications :
This machine can print, uv coat and cure on pvc profile in so many sizes and thickness with variety of designs. It can also print on Plastic Sheets, Rubber, Shoebase (sole), Aluminium Sheets (ACP), glass and any other Flat surface which is rigid. This machine is available in various sizes like. 12″,24″,30″,36″,40″and 50″. This machine is available in offline and online system.

Please ask for Technical Specification from factory.

We understand the importance of customer service well and have constantly strive to meet the exact requirements for each product. We rely on prompt and precise communication to ensure that our customer queries are addressed immediately. With this approach, today we cater to the needs of all our distinguished customers. Through our constant innovation program & customer satisfaction approach, we have served our clients on an international platform. We are well known & appreciated worldwide for customer satisfaction for our established Semi Auto Round Screen Printing Machine, printing presses, screen printing press, printing machines, UV curing systems, UV coater, pad printing machines, round screen printing machines, UV lamps, UV lacquaring machines, UV varnish machines, fully auto UV coating curing press, pvc profile printing presses, t-shirts printing machines and roller coater printing machines.

Features :
This machine can print, UV coating and curing on different kinds of hollow PVC profile or solid profile Sunmica Board similar flat surfaces. This machine is available in various sizes like 12”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 50”. This machine is available in offline and online system. This machine can also print on aluminum composite panel, glass and rigid surface.

  • The whole machine is AC drive with frequency drive
  • The whole machine can change the profile thickness in seconds
  • High production output and less maintenance required
  • Digitally controlled

» PVC Profile Coating Machine

Our manual fed coater are very much suitable for duplex boards and thick paper above 250 gsm. We have developed air knife system on this coater for lacquering on thin paper. This operates with the inbuilt sensor and required a 5 HP air compressor for operation.

Provided with in feed belts and delivery belts, this coater is available in various sizes starting from 12" to 70". It coats UV varnish or any other lacquer very smoothly on any surface such as paper, board, plastic profiles, wood, bamboo, metal or glass. It is also good for heart seal lacquer.


  • Hand feed roller coating UV varnish machine for various jobs
  • Effective for gumming and plain varnish
  • Finished and hard chrome plated balanced cylinder
  • Imported rubber for uniform coating
  • Varnish thickness can be change
  • Pump for circulating the varnish

» PVC Profile Curing Machine / Offline UV Curing System

Off Line Uv curing systems are basically used for drying inks and varnishes coated and printed by any kind of media. These are available from 4” to 72” width with the power range of 200W to 500 W/ Inch having lamp capacity of 1,2,3 lamps. We are specialized in designing of UV curing system as per customer specs and needs. As our systems are CE certified still we upgrade it regularly. Our systems are useful for screen, offset, rotogravure printing, flexo printing, dry offset printing, pad printing, roller coater, varnish machine, manual printing, inkjet, metal printing, shoe industry, pvc profile industry, PCB (printed Circuit boards), wood industry, metal industry, glass industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, helmet industry, paint industry, lacuering industry, filters industry, plastic industry, home appliances.

The use of UV. Technology offers many advantages for all print process, including the ability to print on non-absorbent materials.

Advantage of UV Technologies :
The use of UV Technology offers many advantages for all print process, including the ability to print on non-absorbent materials. The use of solvent free inks or varnish, immediate further processing and extremely high chemical and abrasion resistance.

Specifications :

  • UV Lamp
  • IT Lamp High quality reflector housing
  • Efficient cooling systems with high pressure Blower
  • Irradiator for UV. Lamp
  • Wire mesh Teflon coated conveyor Belt
  • Vacuum Bed
  • Digital indicating for RPM (Speed)
  • Lamp hosing for Lamp
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