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Very recently APL MACHINERY PVT LTD  Faridabad has joined hands with Air Motion Systems (AMS) , Wiskonsin, USA to bring to India for the first time, the revolutionary LEDUV  technology for the printing industry.

Air Motion Systems USA is the leading US based manufacturer of UV Curing System for printing and industrial  curing . One of their vision is “ Innovations that redefine your systems” and they have implemented it by presenting the revolutionary patented technology LEDUV for the printing industry.

Announcing the tie up with  AMS USA for being the Agent of India and neighbouring countries , the Managing Director if APL Machinery Pvt Ltd , who himself is a member of RADTECH USA and considered as one of India’s top most UV expert says that “ it’s a proud moment for us as AMS is convinced of the technical capabilities of APL Machinery , both in terms of infrastructure and manpower and has selected us to represent their Company. I think Indian Printing industry , particularly the Packaging printing segment  will benefit from this relation with AMS , in terms of reduced Power consumption, absence of capital expenses on Cooling systems and being able to use Hybrid inks, thereby competing globally for bagging high quality print jobs”.

The printing fraternity had the opportunity to feel the LED UV at PAMEX and are all looking forward for the first installation in India with high expectations.


Latest  LEDUV from  AMS  is a 3rd generation  award winning, patented technology known as Peak UV Curing system.

 This eco-friendly , less Power consumption technology will reduce the electricity bill of Indian Printers ( particularly the Packaging  printers) using UV inks, will also cut down on valuable floor space (otherwise required by conventional Hg UV technology) , and will considerably reduce Capital expenditure as requirement of Chiller Unit , Water cooling system and UPS system will be eliminated . This will help in speedy job turnover, no black outs due to UV Lamp over heating, which delays production .

Importantly , AMS’ patented technology of LED UV system allows hybrid compatibility  that means it works with traditional UV Inks and  coatings as well as High Wavelength UV( HUV) inks. Using 45% less power, the AMS’ LEDUV generates 39% more average UV intensity than conventional ones but reduces 20% heat .

All these technological developments will reduce the cost of printing UV and will make LED UV , the main ingredient to produce world class prints at a competitive price..

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