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Printweek is supporting Open house invitation


Printweek is supporting Open house invitation

APL Machinery will be hosting an open house on 22 August at Shree Maruthi Printers in Coimbatore. The visiting cards specialist has installed the UV LED system on its ten-colour Heidelberg SM 74.

This invention has a significant relevance for the graphic arts sector as well. Faridabad-based APL Machinery, who partnered with Air Motion Systems, US, a manufacturer of UV and LED curing systems, will be hosting the event.

“The LED trend will catch up due to energy saving. It has already successfully replaced in televisions and automobiles. Next is lighting. Trends of developing LED technology will replace conventional UV in a short span of time,” said C P Paul of APL Machinery, which is engaged in manufacturing of the full range of UV coating and curing.

UV LED has taken huge strides in technology over the last half-a-decade. Abhishek Paul of APL Machinery said, “LED UV is a better form of UV printing, which uses high-intensity UV light that penetrates inks and coatings, taking them from liquid to polymer.” With UV LED today, Paul said, print service providers enjoy top production speeds, as fast as the presses run. This facilitates instant drying and no marking.

“There is intense energy at work in the curing process. There is no warm up,” he said. In traditional UV, Paul said, it can take 30 minutes to warm up. There is also a cool-down period. LED dispenses with both.

It eliminates heat, makes the set process fast while a single lamp cures at top press speeds. It has the lowest energy footprint, and it cures on any material while producing high-quality print. It is also completely green.

It dries instant and creates a back hard without the waste of gas and water. And, the life of a single LED UV lamp is 20,000 hours.

In addition to eliminating the need of the bulbs, UV LED ends mercury or ozone exposure. “Pressmen really notice the difference when running with LED,” Paul said. “Fast installation is another benefit. The press is down for two to three weeks while installing UV,” he said, adding that the AMS system is compatible with all presses, not just with those designed for UV.

“Many of the printing companies adding the system have realised good ROI,” he added.

LED is growing in terms of the number of installations. Other than Maruthi Printers, the system Is going to be installed at five more presses in next month.

Worldwide, too, the numbers look good; what with the total numbers having crossed the 400 figure mark.

“We are projecting 20-30 new customers for the technology in the next 12 months. Adhering to the advantages of the technology, LED is the future of printing. Our aim is to make the industry a better place with better technology,” said Paul.

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