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APL Machinery Pvt. Ltd. are leading manufacturers and exporter of printing machines, screen printing machines both for flat surface and round surface. Its machines are highly productive, give excellent results and are economical.

We are providing various types of Screen Printing Machines, these are as follows :-

» Fully Auto Screen Printing Machine

APL FAS – Series Auto Cylinder Screen Press is a kind of auto flat screen press of high speed and precision. Skillfully manufacture, reasonable structure and equipped with speed print & paper feeding.

It is suitable for soft & half – soft materials of 100 – 35 g/m square. Frequency control of motor speed is monitored & controlled automatically, with easy operation & high sensitivity. It reaches an advanced level in the country. Only one person is needed to operate the press.

This machine can be used in kinds of print, especially colors of golden and credit card, and so on. The full oil, fresh color & stereoscopic model make the press better than others. Otherwise, customers can equip the machine with UV dryer and stacker into an auto screen press line. This machine is very good for UV spot coating and silver scratch inks.

» Semi Auto Flat Screen Printing Machines (PLC Controlled Machines)

We offer a wide range of pneumatically operated semi auto, flat printing machines, which are  available in various sizes. This is a PLC controlled machine with various features for easy operations of machines. Along with XY table for quick registration, all the machines are equipped with festo cylinders and linear guides. The machines can print  on metal, glass, wood, paper, plastics, membranes switch, PCB, DC card, advertisement materials, cloth etc.


Semi Auto Flat Screen Printing Machine – SAF Pneumatic

Our product range consists Semi Auto Flat Screen Printing Machine, Hot Stamping machine, Pneumatic fabric stretching clamp, Manual fabric stretching clamp, Aluminum tubular frame, Drying racks, Manual vacuum table with slide, UV control panel with half/full power system, American UV lamps, Wood printing machines, Metal printing machines, Glass printing machines, Vinyl printing machines, Flex printing machines, UV offset attachment, Duplex board printing machines, UV reflectors, PVC profile printing machine, Printing machines for plastic bottles, printing machines for caps, printing machines pens, printing machines plastic containers, printing machines for round products, printing machines for filters, conventional dryer, Manual Round printing machine, Flame treatment machine, Flame treatment machines, Flame treatment machine, Round screen printing machine, Mechanical flat screen printing machine, Roll to Roll screen printing , Curing machine, Semi auto flat screen printing machine, T-shirt printing machines, IR curer heating systems, pneumatic pad printing machines.

» Mechanical Flat Screen Printing Machines (CSF Series Machines/UV Spot Machines)

We offer APL CSF series of cam shell, mechanical flat screen printing machines, which are economical and high speed. These machines are used for graphic industries and for UV spot coating also. Besides, these machines do not require air compressor as printers get wider space for loading the paper.


Cam Shell Flat Printing Machine – Mechanical

Committed to improve our products and achieve 100% customer satisfaction through offering quality products we ascertain that every customer gains the benefit and value for their investment from our products. Being one of the leading names in this industry, we are determined to stay ahead in competitive market and serve our customers hassle free services in business market.

We are leading manufacturer/exporter/trader and supplier of Cam Shell Flat Printing Machines in India and various other countries of world. Our product range consists Uv Coating Machine, Fully automatic uv coating machine, spot uv coating machine, Printing machines, screen printing machines, uv coater, uv lamps, uv varnishing machines, pad printing machines, uv lacquering machine, uv curing systems, uv coating system, Screen printing machine, printing machine, Manual full coater machines, Thermal Lamination machine, Paper Graining Machine, Fully Auto Screen Printing Machine for paper and duplex board, Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine, ultra violet curing, ,Online UV Curing Systems, Fully auto uv coating curing machine.

» Semi Automatic Round Screen Printing Machines (APL SA2)

we offer international standard APL SA 2, which can print on any round object like plastic bottles, paper cones, gift materials, novelties etc. in multicolor. This machine runs on 1 HP DC motor and can print up to 3000 impression per hour (depending on shape and size of container). The maximum size of container can be up to 5″ diameter.

» Manual Round Screen Printing Machine

Our manual Round Screen Printing machine is in-house developed worlds first trouble free easy to handle machine for all kind of circular items and few flat products also. This machines is run on linear guides and Barings for smooth moments for years. This machine can handle from small diameter object up to bigger sizes also depending on models. This machine is available in 4 sizes with as below Technical Specifications.


  • Manually Operated Round Screen Printing Machine
  • Can print upto 5″ dia
  • Can print on all types of round containers and other circular items like HDPE, P.P. containers, Metal containers, wood, wood, novelties, pens and disposable crockery’s.
  • Easy operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Very low cost
  • Print quality as good as semi-automatic machine.
  • High output

» Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

India’s first Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine which can print upto 20′ width on plastic or paper.
This machine is having dryer and autowinding.

» Dry Offset Printing Machine

Presenting the APL Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Dry Offset printing machine. simple durable and highly user friendly this machine has been manufactured to meet the growing demand for printing. it can print four color printing at a time, printing instant noodle bowl, printing drinking cup, ice cream cup and printing other cups, easy to operate and maintain in house developed after a vast R&D.


  • One touch may printout various colors
  • Manual feeding, auto printing, auto drying, auto counting, auto stacking.
  • Seed may be adjusted on free turn
  • Easily to change printing plate
  • Easily to clean ink
  • Easily to operate and maintain

» T-Shirt Printing Machine

In house developed T-Shirt Printing Machine which is at par with international standards.


  • Accurate registration
  • Fire/water proof pallets
  • Electric/LPG/infrared fash curer
  • Double or single spring option
  • Chest printing
  • Plastisol of printing
  • Tower printing
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