Strong Points:

1. Machine wall& Key parts are processed by No.1 Accurate CNC – OKUMA – Imported from Japan, the BEST CNC in China. Accurate: 0.002mm, Numerical Control.

To make sure the stability of machine.


  • Precise continues or skip feeding
  • Frequency adjust vacuum & Pressure, suitable for different size or warp sheet
  • Easy handle heavy stack sheet

3. NON CRUSH FEED with super dust remove system to protect the strength of board and guarantee the cleanliness of printing surface.

High quality printing performance

  • Vacuum Suction Transfer, suitable for 3ply to 7ply corrugated board, even though warp board.
  • Doctor blade (optional rubber roller) and ceramic anilox system to have perfect printing performance of solid printing, dot printing.
  • Computerized setting order. Easy operation for multi-color printing and memory for repeat order.
  • Auto ink clean system and ink recycle system can max. saving ink.
  • To improve the printing quality, can be equipped with hot air or IR dryer system.

4. To make the regular carton, it’s necessary to equip with SLOTTING UNIT

Three types of option

1.) Single shaft with Pre-creaser, Creaser height: 100mm
Suitable for most of orders.

2.) Single shaft with Pre-creaser,
Big Creaser, Normal Creaser height: 100mm
Special for 5ply heavy gsm board, perfect creasing performance.

3.) Dual shaft with Pre-creaser, Creaser height < 100mm .

  • Automatic controlled, display on screen, auto reset function.
  • Linkage movement of up & down cutter seats, aligning & synchronized pre-creaser & creaser.
  • Highly precise linear guide system with lead screw .
  • Sensor monitor the clearance to protect .

5. To make the irregular carton, it’s necessary to equip with DIECUTTING UNIT

  • Automatic controlled, display on screen, auto reset function.
  • The trimming device keep the anvil drum surface flat & smooth.
  • Independent motor control speed compensation of anvil drum, keep carton and die-cutting plate identical, the compensation range is ±3mm.
  • The U.S. CUE anvil drum, durable with quick change design.

To remove the waste and collect the finished sheet, it’s necessary to equip with waste conveyor and vibrator stacker.

This is available for regular & irregular carton.

If most of orders is regular carton, it’s better to equip with inline folder gluer. We called it casemaker or FFG (flexo folder gluer). Automatic order setting, saving time and workers and spaces.

Our existing product range:

(A: Vacuum Suction Transfer at printing.B: Roll to Roll Transferat printing)