This machine is best suited for UV Coating, and Curing (of a coating by ultraviolet radiation) on Digital Prints, Every digital Printer (using HP, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, Ricoh) need this machine. This machine is perfect for making Digital Photo Albums. Offset Printers can use this machine for full coating UV Jobs and with add on of CSF. This machine can do Spot UV Jobs also.

The Best Feature of this Machine is DESIGN COATING (3D and 2D).

  • Feather-touch display (Next generation UV controller).
  • Showing MPM (Meter per minute) Speed.
  • Showing Current Digitally.
  • Digital sheet counter.
  • Selection of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% power of Lamp.
  • The lamp will be Off when opening the hood.
  • The lamp will be on 50% if heat crosses the particular degree and will Off if it cross the danger level.
  • Min & Max speed limit is synchronized with lamp intensity.
  • In case of error, it will display an error message on the screen.
  • After starting of the machine, it will give the signal for ready use or lamp ready.
  • The lamp will be Off in case of Paper jam.
  • The lamp will be Off in case of Belt stop.
  • Interlocked between Lamp, Blower, and Conveyor.
  • Auto-selection Of UV intensity.
  • Varnish Pump on auto mode.
  • The micro setting of varnish.
  • Texture Roller can be used.
  • For Aqueous and UV, Separate tanks are possible(Optional).