It was around 1960 when we as Paul group started “Printing business” in India. We started manufacturing screen printing machines in 1995. We started making Screen Printing Machines, UV Curing (of coating by ultraviolet radiation) Systems and other products related to this Industry. This brought a lot of fame to our company and helped us in creating International quality machines not only in India but also in International market.

We were honored with “Star Award in Gold category Paris 2001 from the 18th International World Quality Commitment” in printing industry convention in Europe thus plainly gives you our explicit name as the ultimate pioneers in the printing industry.

To keep pace with the changing environment, technology and needs of our clients, we have Research and Development unit to develop new products and to improve the quality of existing products. We spend a big chunk of our revenues on the continuous upgradation of facilities of our production and on Research and Development.

Here are some of the awards that we have won:

1. Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award (In English, It means National Business Gem Award)

2. Quality Brands Award