AMS LED UV Systems Revolutionize High Speed Flexo

UV LED curing technology is now delivering deep, consistent curing, top production speeds, heat-less operation, and high reliability with unprecedented uptime to Flexographic tag and label producers. The introduction of market-ready UV LED curing inks from major manufacturers, and an all-new ultra-high powered FLEXO Series edition of AMS award-winning XP5 LED UV curing platform are making this happen.

AMS recently launched its LED UV FLEXO Series based on XP5 technology for the high-speed flexographic label printing and converting market.

AMS LED UV systems are quickly adapted to Flexographic printing with a new generation of UV LED inks from Flint Group and others.

LED Meets UV Flexographic Tag and Label Production

Flexographic label production represents one of the most challenging application challenges in UV Curing. With a vast array of synthetic substrates, massive ink deposits, and high production speeds reaching 800 fpm (245 m/min) and faster, effective and consistent UV curing has never been natural. And that’s before UV-related downtime enters the picture.

Modern tag and label converters rely predominantly on air-cooled mercury (Hg) UV arc-lamp systems, that routinely create costly production downtime from excessive heat, lengthy warm-ups, shutter malfunctions, equipment failures, and other faults. Curing degrades promptly with each bulb change. Once production begins, heat is blasted into the pressroom, putting stress on air-conditioning and air recovery systems, and hazardous ozone leaks are not uncommon.

With conventional air-cooled UV systems in the flexographic space, costly downtime, speed bottlenecks, and inconsistent production results are almost inevitable. But thanks to advances in high-intensity UV LED technology, all this is about to change, forever.

Introducing FLEXO Series LED UV Systems from AMS

Thanks to recent advances in UV LED power, intensity, and efficiency, along with the commercialization of a new generation of LED flexographic inks and coatings, curing with UV LED technology is available TODAY and is set to revolutionize the way curing is accomplished in the tag and label industry.

The FLEXO Series from AMS delivers all the benefits of high-speed UV LED curing in a durable, flexible package that can be tailored to any web width or curing scenario. Return on investment for LED in Flexo can be speedy. The following benefits are immediately realized with AMS LED UV curing compared to typical mercury arc lamp curing in Flexo:

  • Higher production speeds, especially with opaque whites and blacks
  • Improved adhesion from 6x more exceptional UV LED intensity
  • No curing degradation over thousands of hours of production
  • Downtime avoidance from air-cooled lamps over-temp or shutter faults
  • No lengthy 15-minute warm-up cycle required at the start of each run
  • No ozone generated into the pressroom
  • No air recovery needed in the pressroom
  • Approximately 50% energy reduction across the entire press

An Extendable, Flexible, High Power LED UV Modular System

The AMS XP5 Series UV LED module delivers the highest UV LED intensities available, and can be sized to meet any press or web width requirement. Our FLEXO Series package includes the power drivers, cooling, web mounts, and controls necessary to deploy quickly on just about any machine.

High Speed UV LED Intensities at 12W and 16W

The highest intensities are crucial for adequate curing and attaining top production speeds in Flexo UV LED. Through a commitment to research and development of high-intensity UV LED, AMS engineers have paved the way for the advancements necessary to achieve incredible results.

For the all-new FLEXO Series, AMS delivers 12W/cm2 (standard) and 16W/cm2 (optional) intensity classes at 385-395nm. With these intensities, the raw power needed to solid cure the heavy blacks and opaque whites in flexographic production is now a reality. And because curing power is optimized via AMS’s PEAK Optics, intensity losses are minimized at reasonable working distances from the emitter window.

The AMS FLEXO Series 12W and 16W LED UV Curing Systems have been thoroughly tested and qualified at the highest production speeds with a new generation of UV LED curing inks of FLINT Group and other manufacturers. Shrink films, pressure-sensitive labels and other tough-to-cure applications are a reality.

Simple and Straightforward UV LED Flexo Installations

Whether starting with just one, two or three lamps to remove curing bottlenecks in the existing process, or converting the entire press, AMS LED UV systems are secure are very compact, low profile and easy to install just about anywhere the web travels.

AMS LED systems can be specified in any length to meet the large variety of web widths in the market today, and our universal UV LED web mounts are quick to install. Press integration is accomplished quickly via usual press interface points and can expand to cover a host of integration requirements. For new presses, our OEM packages can be specified on all new machines.

OEM and Retrofit Packages Available

AMS UV LED technology can be specified on new presses and is easily retrofittable onto existing machines from numerous manufacturers including Gallus, Nilpeter, Mark Andy, Omet, Comco, MPS, and others. AMS works closely with press manufacturers to ensure the highest integration quality is achieved, and automation features of the machines are preserved.

Calculating the ROI for UV LED in Flexo

AMS has worked closely with tag and label converters on the deployment of UV LED and has developed an in-depth understanding of the success factors and ROI drivers. Rather than starting from scratch, we encourage you to contact us and to leverage the models we already have in place.