The PEAK LED-UV™ Architecture

While other manufacturers still downplay the readiness of UV LED curing, the PEAK LED-UV™ XP (eXtendable Profile) system architecture from AMS delivers revolutionary high-power LED UV curing AVAILABLE TODAY in a compact, solid-state device at a fraction of the energy costs and complexity of conventional arc-lamp UV systems.

  • High intensity, pure, uniform LED UV curing energy delivered to work surfaces at distances up to 4 inches (100 mm) away.
  • As much as 80% energy reduction compared to today’s high-power mercury UV and High Wavelength-type UV arc lamp systems.
  • Instant ON/OFF digital control of the lamp module eliminates warm-up time and saves hundreds of hours annually.
  • No infrared or convection heat is emitted from the LED light source which protects the press and eliminates substrate issues.
  • Up to 20,000 hours and beyond from the LED UV chip diodes eliminate curing degradation and obviates the need for replacement bulbs.
  • High quality, solid-state, extruded aluminum design virtually eliminates costly downtime and maintenance.
  • Compact system footprint with flexible driver options eliminates the need for invasive rows of power cabinets, controls, blowers, and ducting.
  • Small, scalable, interchangeable UV LED curing modules are designed to integrate easily into all OEM equipment.
  • Multi-wavelength options allow choice and even blending of wavelengths from 365, 375, 385, 390 and 395nm

The Highest UV LED Brightness and Power Available

Most UV LED curing lamps on the market today measure radiant power at the emitter window glass, but suffer tremendous losses as working distance increases. With AMS XP systems, optical intensity is designed to reach the target media, which can range from 0.5 inches (1.2 cm) to 4 inches (10 cm) away, depending on the curing application. With LED densities and brightnesses that range from 4W to 16W power classes, the universal design of the PEAK LED-UV XP system handles every UV LED curing application from Inkjet to Offset to Flexo via a single, typical architecture.

Substantially More UV LED Intensity at Real Working Distances

PEAK LED-UV XP modules deliver substantially more curing intensity at significant working distances than other high power UV LED systems. Our PEAK OPTICS, light collimation technology, allows positioning of the LED lamp at varying distances from the substrate without significant drops in radiant intensity, a critical requirement for integration on high-speed printing and process machinery. Higher concentration at the cure media means faster, more efficient polymerization, and better through cure. As a result, PEAK LED-UV systems use less total energy than comparable technologies to achieve the same level of intensity, providing an extremely high index of curing efficiency.

Field-Proven, Solid State, Modular Design

PEAK LED-UV modules were engineered with a flexible architecture to scale between 3 and 80+ inches wide (80 mm to greater than 2 meters) and to accommodate virtually any machine integration requirement or curing scenario. The sturdy, rugged PEAK LED-UV units come in a profile just 3.2 inches (81 mm) full and are designed to integrate into most machines on the market quickly. An ultra-efficient water-cooled extrusion forms the backbone of the durable unibody housing, and the no moving parts are available to wear or fail.

By integrating a patent-pending optical, thermal and interconnect design into a scalable module, AMS has engineered an answer to digitally-oriented UV curing requirements and clean, energy-efficient, green technology demands of modern printing and finishing.

Compatible with UV LED Printing Ink, Coating and Varnishes

In contrast to mercury (Hg) ARC UV lamps, UV LEDs generate pure UV spectral output at several peak wavelengths in extremely high concentrations, enabling a precision match to the photo-initiation and absorption requirements of inks, coatings, and adhesives. New, more reactive, better-curing UV chemistries are now widely available from formulators to address the phenomenal opportunities presented by LED UV and to create instant, VOC-free drying results at a fraction of the traditional effort and costs.

The AMS PEAK LED-UV system is typically specified at the industry standard peak wavelength range of 385-395nm for the broadest range of applications in the printing industries and is entirely compatible with LED inks and coatings on the market designed to react in this high UVA wavelength range.

The availability of LED optimized inks and coatings not only includes process pigmented colors CMYK, but all custom colors, including opaque whites, reflex blues, metallics, and clear overprint varnishes and effect coatings are widely found.

New LED-wavelength-compatible inks and coatings are continuously becoming available from an ever-growing number of global manufacturers to react to the intense, pure UV spectral output of LED UV light, which emits no infrared heat, involves no mercury, and generates no ozone during the curing process. For more information about ink compatibility, please visit

A Greener UV Curing Footprint

While UV printing and curing is already widely known for its energy, waste, and emission-reduction benefits, LED-UV technology brings the UV process to another level. For starters, LED UV lamps to contain zero mercury, produces no ozone and can be useful with as little as 20% of the energy required by conventional UV lamps. With a lifetime up to 20x longer than traditional UV lamps, the PEAK LED UV system requires minimal maintenance and produces no consumables waste. And because the PEAK LED-UV system produces ultraviolet output in the UV-A range, it is safer and more human tolerant than the short wavelengths produced by mercury lamps.

Compact Control and Driver Design

A compact, modular DC power supply, control cabinet and a low capacity process chiller (for water-cooled editions) are all that is required to operate the system. Large, high-voltage transformer and control cabinets with unsightly and sophisticated air exhaust run for ozone extraction and lamp cooling are no longer needed. Solid-state DC power supplies automatically adjust to the voltage output of each module and monitor the performance of the diodes and cooling sources. Automated segmentation of the width of the LED UV light to match format sizes is available.

Total Control and Flexibility

With the patent-pending design of the PEAK LED-UV system, effortlessly relocate modules between positions on a machine to match the wavelength, energy, and sequence of inks, primers, coatings, and adhesives to the job being run.

Formulators have discovered that a combination of high power and spectral variation can optimize the cure of pigmented, clears, and opaques in different ways. Therefore, the wavelength output of the light source must be flexible to cure properly at production speeds.

Because of this requirement, identical, interchangeable PEAK LED-UV modules are available in multiple spectral outputs to mix and match wavelengths on a machine to accommodate the optimal curing requirements of the inks and coatings in each unit.

And because AMS is a world leader in conventional, high-efficiency ARC LAMP UV and High Wavelength HW-UV systems, energy-efficient STANDARD UV lamps can be interchanged as needed based on process requirements using a technology called MULTI-FLEX.