Atom 1218 Screen Printing Machine

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Atom 1218 Screen Printing Machine

155,000.00 GST

ATOM 1218 screen printing machinery is a high precision printing model and pocket friendly and it can print upto 1 inch thick substrate.
It is the most user friendly machinery designed for the comfort of your operator.

  • Start your business at home.
  • Looking to start a print shop at low cost.
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Technical Specifications
Model ATOM 1218
Max. Print Area 12X18
Vaccum Bed Size 12X18
Screen Frame Size(MAX) 18X28
Squeeze Size 13.5’’
Flood Coater 13.5’’
Speed 1000 IPH
Power Consumption 1 KW
Dimension (LXWXH) 42’’X36’’X62’’
Weight 175 KG