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Fully Automatic UV Coating & Curing Machine (Spot & Full)

Fully Automatic UV Coating & Curing Machine

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A World class product from APL. This machine can be used as Offline coater for UV & Aqueous coating as well as for primer coating. It can do full and spot UV varnish on thick & thin paper at the speed of  6000 or 10,000 sheets per hour. Conventional varnish or water based varnish can also be run on this machine.

This machine includes all technical solutions for easy operation and for increasing productivity. The machine is compact and solid built on a strong C.I. frame. It is reliable at any working speed. This machine is equipped with high grade hardened grounded gears for its smooth operation for years. The UV curing lamps used in it are one of the best in the world. It consists of total vacuum bed for smooth conveying of paper and board,efficient cooling system for lamps.

IR lamps are also used for water base varnish or smoothness of UV lacquer.


  • Precise registration at high speed using a precision adjustable  side and front lay.
  • Powerful stream feeder to handle stocks from 80 G.S.M to 450 G.S.M.
  • User adjustable Double Sheet Detector.
  • Maintenance free Varnish replenishment pump.
  • 2/3 UV Lamps of 300W/inch as optional.
  • Swing  Arm Gripper for high speed & accurate registration.
  • Micro adjustable front lays for easy and precise registration on the run.
  • Adjustable side lays are given for front and reverse jobs registration.
  • Delivery to accommodate a conveyor for hot air/U.V.dryers.
  • Pneumatically actuated Anilox roller and impression cylinder.
  • Quick change Anilox roller.
  • Doctor blade assembly with doctor blade angle adjustment.
  • Plate clamps suitable for clamping  blankets or photopolymer plates.
  • Full PLC control with digital touch screen human machine interface.
  • Curing speed of up to 10000 speed per hour.
  • Precise and Consistent coating weight with every job.



Curing – Hardening of Coating by ultraviolet radiation


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